VoIPon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers on show.

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to Fanvil on new IP Phones, SIP Door Entry and more.

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello my name is Alexis Argent, I’m the founder of VoIPon a distributor based out of the UK. I’m at CeBIT 2015 one of Europe’s largest technology shows. I’m joined here by Vivi, the Marketing Manager for Fanvil. How are you finding the show Vivi?

Vivi Du, Marketing Manager, Fanvil: Hi Alexis, nice to meet you, the show is great for us and you see this year we co-exhibit with AlNet our local partner and the business stand is here so its nice, It’s good to meet people nearby.

VoIPon: That’s great to hear! Could you perhaps tell me a little about Fanvil and can you tell us about the portfolio that you have here?

Fanvil:  Yes with pleasure! As you can see we have brought some new phones here, the IP phones, the Video Phones like the C400 and C600, and some SIP intercoms and I think this will be the future of Fanvil. We do many customized interesting functions inside and we think people will like that and actually to be honest it has caused the most attention today.

VoIPon: That’s good to hear! We sell a lot of Fanvil Door Entry products and we find the quality to be very good and the price to be great. We understand there are some new products from Fanvil in this area  perhaps you can talk us through them.

Fanvil: Yes for the IP phones as you can see this is the entry level with icon design, it can be easily used from the young to the elder. This is the manager level IP phone with the second LCD which is the selling point, everybody likes that. And also the video phones are based on the Android 4.2, Fanvil has been devoted to android development for more than 5 years and all our effort has been put into this product and it seems that it is the first tier of products on the market right now. For the SIP intercom these three new products are coming, all these products are with IP65 and IK10 and what’s more important as you see you will like the appearance right? So we do recommend people to test them and i think they will be satisfied with these products.

VoIPon: Is it possible to show one of them with a camera if possible?

Fanvil: Actually this one is with a camera.

VoIPon: What about this one? Is this one with a camera?

Fanvil: That is the upgraded version of the i20-T, all these products are all in one, with one button with RF ID card with a keypad, so that’s very nice.  

VoIPon: When will this be available?

Fanvil:  The sample will be available in May.

VoIPon: When will it be available for shipping?

Fanvil: I think probably from June to July.

VoIPon:  This one here, is this also new?

Fanvil: The SIP intercom, the new one, this one is more convenient as it is smaller compared to our i21 and i21T and actually the design is very simple but  with very good functions.

VoIPon:  Well thanks very much for the interview, I really appreciate it.

Fanvil:  Thanks Alexis, thank you very much for your time.

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