More and more businesses are planning their migration to the cloud phone system to streamline and bring flexibility to their business communications. Richmond Marketing, a local distributor of Red Bull in Ireland, are no exception, having successfully upgraded their business phone system to the cloud with the Yeastar Cloud PBX.

Yeastar specialise in IP-PBX products, VoIP gateways and unified communications solutions of which VoIPon Solutions are a certified sub-distributor.  By choosing Yeastar Cloud PBX, Richmond Marketing  successfully migrated their on-premises phone system to the cloud, as well as connected branch offices in a single phone system with a full set of communications features, and enabled real-time communications across different devices.

The scenario

Richmond Marketing were not alone amongst Irish businesses in finding that multiple phone systems were adding extra costs, financially and administratively, as well as requiring IT staff for all offices. The company used to have a disparate set of legacy phone systems for different branches which lacked in flexibility and robust unified communications capabilities. They needed a phone system that could keep their employees connected anywhere anytime with high system availability and minimum downtime.

Some of their needs included:

  • Unifying 3 branch offices together and ensuring intelligent inter-office call handling;
  • Seamless integration with their existing VoIP infrastructure;
  • User experience enhancement with free softphone available for both desktops and mobile phones;
  • Hassle-free installation and management;
  • Reliable call center integration.

The solution

Yeastar Cloud PBX was deployed to unify all three branch offices into a single phone system, giving geographically dispersed employees the same features and communications experience. The free Linkus Unified Communications App  provided by Yeastar along with the Cloud PBX, took user experience into the next level. 

Results and benefits


Cost-effective transition to the Cloud

The holistic Yeastar Cloud PBX supports SIP trunking, and PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, BRI, GSM/3G/4G, and VoIP connectivity to Yeastar trunking gateways, as well as full interoperability with a list of mainstream IP phones, ensuring a painless transition and a big cost-saving by preserving the current infrastructure.

Easy to Deploy and future-proof phone system

There is no upfront equipment to maintain and the Internet connection is all they need to access the system. New features and optimisation will be released on a regular basis, all accessible for them right through the web GUI.

Improved User experience with increased flexibility

Richmond Marketing’s employees are able to take their extensions with them even on the go. All the features of a desk phone can be realized by mobile phones and desktops, helping users manage and control their calls easily and realize faster response time. Instant Messaging, Presence, and CRM integration with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook Contacts and Google Contacts unleash more potential for team collaboration.

More Advantages with the Cloud

Yeastar Cloud PBX also brought additional advantages to its business communications. For instance, the cloud-based phone system supports easy capacity upgrade at a minimal cost with no waiting period when the company pursues growth goals, geographic expansion, or plans to add new lines for special marketing promotions.  If they are planning a move, Yeastar Cloud PBX also ensures seamlessly transition between locations.


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