Sangoma Technologies has launched the newest releases of its leading FreePBX and Asterisk software.

FreePBX 15

Currently available in beta release and soon to be in GA (General Availability). Users will be able to create more efficient workflows and processes through new built-in API powered by GraphQL, which will simplify integration between FreePBX and third-party applications. Significant improvements have also been made to Back-Up and Restore Process, making the procedure of keeping data safe easier for administrators.

Asterisk 13 and 16

Asterisk’s long term goal is to be the best possible platform to choose for telephony application development. This update includes feature, performance, and stability improvements. This includes the ability to switch between ARI applications from within ARI, without having to exit to dial plan. ARI is Asterisk’s REST interface used for programmatic call control and manipulation.

Sangoma continues to lead the entire communications industry with the two most widely used open source software products in the world. Our unwavering support of the open source community by launching these important releases of both Asterisk and FreePBX shows the dedication of the entire Sangoma team to these projects, and gives our customers and partners the confidence that we are fully committed to these critical products, employed by millions of users around the globe.

Bill Wignall

President and CEO , Sangoma

Download Asterisk 16 HERE

Download FreePBX 15 HERE

For more information, documentation and usage samples, as well as a complete list of new features, changes, and upgrade notes, visit the Asterisk wiki or the FreePBX wiki.


Check out Sangoma’s Asterisk and FreePBX products below! If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195.

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