Alexis Argent, Sales Manager of VoIPon Solutions speaks to Rudi Stahl, VP of Sales at snom @CeBIT 2013 on snom interoperability partnerships and Microsoft Lync development.

You can watch the Video and see the full transcript below:

Alexis: Hello, my name is Alexis Argent, I’m the sales manager for VoIPon Solutions in the UK, I’m joined here with Rudi Stahl, VP of sales for snom, we are here at CeBit 2013, it seems like a pretty good show, how are you finding it Rudi?

Rudi Stahl, snom: It’s a good show with a lot of people knowing what they are looking for and we have a great booth, people are welcome and it’s an excellent show so far.

Alexis: That’s very good to hear, could you tell our customers a little bit about the interoperability partnerships that snom are continuing to grow?

Rudi Stahl, snom: snom interoperate with nearly every IP PBX system that supports SIP, we have a couple of partners at CeBit as well acting worldwide with their PBX solutions. For example 3CX with their windows based system, or it could be a local player like MobyDick using an Asterisk based solution. We also have here a lot of partners using our VoIP Phones, such as the  Snom 320 IP PhoneSnom 720, and  snom 870 Black IP Phone together with their IP PBX, and it could be in the cloud, hosted or local more or less independent. We have other interoperate partners like Patton with their Patton VoIP Gateways and Plantronics as another partner, as an additional product which works together with the Snom VoIP Phones as a corded headset, or for example, also interconnection both with a PC and on top parallel with a Phone and that’s a really good job and people could see this with all those examples, that’s what makes it really interoperate.

Alexis: That’s really good to hear, we understand that Microsoft Lync is in its second or third generation now, snom have been doing quite a lot of development for over a year now with Lync, how is that going?

Rudi Stahl, snom: Yes, so Lync is a very good project based business, Lync is getting stronger in the market. We feel and get the success and feedback from the market; people are looking for and interested to learn more how it works. The setup is not plug and play really, you have to know what to do, that’s typical for a high end based solution and we with our products support additional features which are not yet covered by Lync, for example both admin features, or chief security as we call it here in Germany. Other functions such as music on hold which we offer together with our products.

Also once again it’s part of interoperability that we have here, partners, VoIP gateway partners or software partners which offer CTI solutions on top. If you use for example, different PBX systems on parallel, not only Lync, you could use our dual set phones together with another PBX. That’s really good and people learn more day by day how it works and look for those two parts of our strengths of being interoperable with every PBX and on top also being interoperable, maybe parallel with Microsoft Lync.

Alexis: Excellent, well I’m glad to hear that snom are making developments into the Lync market and that we are also seeing more demand for Lync sales.

Rudi Stahl, snom: Absolutely.

Alexis: Thanks very much for the interview Rudi it’s been a pleasure.

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