VoIPon Solutions attended CeBIT 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers on show.

In this interview, Alexis Argent talks to Christina Yu, EMEA Sales Director at Yealink about the new T2 Series of Yealink IP Phones and existing T4 Series. They also discuss the Yealink Video Conferencing Systems, an upcoming HD video conferencing phone. 

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello my name is Alexis Argent, I’m the Founder of VoIPon Solutions.We’re here at CeBIT 2015 Europe’s largest technology show. I’m joined here with Christina from Yealink who is the Sales Director for Europe. How are you finding the show Christina?

Christina Yu, EMEA Sales Director, Yealink: You know CeBIT is the most important event for use in the market and Yealink is the Number 2 VoIP Phone Provider. That’s why we must be here to show our new products as well as meet our partners in the whole of Europe.

VoIPon: Oh thats excellent, its excellent to be here with you. Yealink’s a very important brand for VoIPon. Its been growing incredibly fast over the recent years so its very nice to be able to meet you at the show. Can you tell more about your new IP Phones?

Yealink: Yes, at CeBIT Yealink have showcased our new products which is a new conference phone as well as new phones in the T2 series. The T27P and the T29G which is coming this year as well as the New Lync phone in the T4 series. The most important product presented at the CeBIT is our new video conferencing system.

VoIPon: So the New video conferencing system is here, so perhaps you can talk us through the products a little bit?

Yealink: Yes, the Yealink Video Conferencing units VC400 and VC120 is targeted at the SME market and we have an optical camera, codecs and remote controller so it is a whole system. We support audio and Full HD 1080p video conferencing at the same time. The most important aspect of the conferencing system is the support for SIP and H323 protocol and we have many other features like content sharing, recording, dual screen, and most importantly they are license free. The Yealink VC series is very competitive with other brands.

VoIPon: Thats good to hear. What’s the availability of the products. When will the product be shipping to distributors?

Yealink: The new Video conferencing system is ready for ordering now. We are in mass production.

VoIPon: So we could be shipping these very soon, literally? Well thanks very much for the interview, I really appreciate it.

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