We are delighted to announce that VoIPon has entered into a distribution partnership with Ascom Holding AG, please see the press release below or contact your VoIPon Sales Representative for further information.

A new partnership has been announced between VoIPon Solutions, a worldwide distributor of Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware, and Ascom, a leading designer and maker of enterprise-grade, mission-critical mobile telecommunications devices and workflow solutions. 

The agreement sees VoIPon become a major UK supplier of Ascom’s mobile solutions including IP-DECT systems and handsets, i63 VoWiFi wireless IP phones, and Myco 3 Android™ smartphones.

Ascom solutions are widely used by healthcare, manufacturing, industry, hospitality, retail and secure facilities around the world, not simply for voice calls but as operational and safety management solutions. 

The way we are communicating is changing and this has become even more paramount during 2020. Workforces in the UK and across the globe are now working remotely and companies have needed to ensure that staff have access to high quality communication tools that give users freedom to avoid distractions, and keep them safe whilst working alone. This also fundamentally ensures staff are connected securely and adhering to data compliance requirements.

With demand for such products at a high, we looked to source the best products available for our customers and when Ascom was identified, it was an excellent synergy for our growing base of resellers, installers and enterprise end users.

Their handsets, in particular the Myco 3 which is a unique offering to the market, provide our resellers the opportunity to offer their customers a unique capability set. Voice calls, process alerts, device control, user positioning, personal alarms and workflow management – all in one solution.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Ascom and bring their advanced product line to our audiences.

Matthew Hayward

Group Sales Director , VoIPon Solutions

Ascom, headquartered in Switzerland, has businesses in 18 countries and employs around 1,300 people worldwide. It has been operating in the UK for over 60 years. Like VoIPon, it is pleased to be working with a market leader.

In just 15 years VoIPon has developed a fantastic reputation for its voice over IP expertise and product offering, along with an impressive market reach. 

Our solutions sit neatly in that VoIP category but also offer much more besides in terms of the alerts, alarms, process control and workflow management potential – essentially all the components needed to make comms a situational awareness tool that any organisation can use to keep workers safe and processes productive.

We look forward to working closely with VoIPon to ensure their resellers have all they need to capitalise on this opportunity, to grow both their business and ours.

Mike Bennett

Channel Manager, Ascom

All Ascom mobile devices meet stringent quality and performance standards, and are available for various network and operating systems. Robust, ruggedised handsets and multifunctional features, make Ascom mobile devices ideal for some of the most physically demanding sectors around the world.


Check out the full range of Ascom products at VoIPon.co.uk.  If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195.