What is Sangoma FreePBX?

Sangoma FreePBX is an open-source web-based graphical user and configuration file writer, saving companies time and money when setting up their VoIP communications system. Sangoma have taken the open source FreePBX platform, and combined it with commercial company support and high quality manufacturing.

The FreePBX project provides an entire open source platform and communications ecosystem that can not only ease installation by providing configuration files for Asterisk, but also provide support and ongoing updates to the entire system.

What are the key features and benefits of Sangoma FreePBX?

FreePBX offers a huge number of benefits. Coming with a whole host of features as standard, FreePBX also offers a huge variety of additional ad ons.

Along with Sangoma ad-ons, FreePBX also offers developers the chance to create new features, pending approval, for release into the community.

What models are available?

There are four different hardware FreePBX appliances, each coming preloaded with FreePBX. The capacity is different on each model, designed for businesses of different sizes.

The FreePBX 50 here has a maximum capacity of 50 users and 25 calls.

The FreePBX 100 has up to 100 users and 30 calls.

The FreePBX 300 has up to 300 users and 120 calls.

The FreePBX 1000 has a maximum of 1000 users and 300 calls.

Compare the different models in the FreePBX range with our comparison chart.


In summary, FreePBX is infinitely flexible, feature rich and highly scalable. With advanced features and add on modules available, FreePBX empowers companies that use Asterisk.

With a comprehensive standard feature set and optional features and modules that can be added, FreePBX is designed to suit almost any deployment.

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