VoIP Phone provider Yealink and ScopServ International Inc have partnered to confirm full Interoperability of all Yealink voip phone products  into ScopServ’s International flagship product ScopTELTM IP PBX and its Automated Provisioning System (APS).

This partnership allows SSI to offer all his clients with ease of installing, configuring and servicing of Yealink telephony products. This also allows SSI the ability to bundle Yealink products along with its current offering for a lower TCO.

Denis Trepanier, CEO of ScopServ International says; ‘ScopServ is proud to partner with, and support the Yealink portfolio and recognizes the outstanding value proposition this presents to our customers.’

The partnership between Yealink and Scopserv is significant because it combines the performance, quality and cost merits of IP telephony with the advanced functionality normally associated with terrestrial networks, explains Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink.

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