Today on VoIP TV we look at the Yealink T26P, an advanced business VoIP solution from Yealink.

The Yealink T26P is an advanced, high end desktop VoIP Phone and offers users 3 SIP accounts, a graphical LCD screen, along with HD capabilities. 

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Yealink T22P Review – Transcript

Craig Herrett, VoIPon: Hello and welcome to VoIP TV, VoIPon Solutions video product review channel. I’m Craig Herrett, Sales Manager at VoIPon Solutions and our sister company 4Gon, both leading distributors of communications equipment and serving customers worldwide.

Today we’re going to look at the Yealink T26P IP Phone, an advanced high end HD VoIP Phone which is a designed for everyday business use. The Yealink IP Phone range is one of our biggest selling brands and the T26P is a great example of why they are so popular. Let’s get started.

The T26P comes complete with:

  • a handset

  • a base unit

  • a network cable

  • a handset cord

  • a stand

  • and a quick start guide

The Yealink T26P looks similar to other models in the Yealink range, with a traditional colour scheme and robust build quality. The T26P is both desk and wall mountable using the included stand. For wall mounting, simply separate and rotate like so. The stand is then clipped to the phone as normal. This feature is available on a number of Yealink models. To check whether your VoIP Phone is wall mountable, please see our Wall Mount Guide.

The Yealink T26P is packed with a number of key features that make the phone ideally suited for everyday business use. 

  • a 132 x 64 graphical LCD screen

  • a wide variety of voice codecs including HD Voice

  • a full Duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • 45 keys including thirteen programmable keys

  • Up to 3 SIP Accounts

  • 3 way Conference Calls

  • Electronic Hook Switch support for wireless headsets

  • and support for up to 6 expansion modules

The Yealink T26P is most similar to the Yealink T28P, both at the higher end of the T2 Yealink VoIP phone range. The T26P and T28P have several similarities, for example both feature a TI TITAN chipset and TI voice engine which enables full HD support. One of the main differences between the two models is the LCD screen. The Yealink 26P offers a 132 x 64 LCD screen with backlight, compared to the 321 x 160 White Backlit LCD on the T28P. The T26P includes 3 SIP lines whereas the T28P has 6 SIP lines. To see how the T26P stacks up against other Yealink phones, view our Yealink Detailed Comparison Guide. For more information on any other VoIP models, please visit 

After reviewing the Yealink T26P we’ve given it a VoIPon Rating of eight out of ten. The Yealink T26P has some great features including a LCD screen, HD support and programmable keys. The Yealink T26P is an ideal solution for businesses and is available at an affordable price.

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