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Published on September 28th, 2009 | by Alexis Argent


Foncordiax IP PBX ‘plug and Go’ System

The Foncordiax IP PBX telephone switchboard just released a new ‘plug and Go’ system.

This means that a Foncordiax system can be taken off the shelf, unpacked, plugged in, switched on and making and receiving calls in minutes and only with minimal experience. The company explains in a recent newsletter, “If you can plug a computer into a network, you’ve got enough experience!”

The company tells us that not only are the new Foncordiax Control Units easy to install and set up, but they come with the Foncordiax PBX software, which provides “everything a business will ever need from its phone system” including voice mail and music on hold to call forwarding, conferencing and call recording.

The Foncordiax Control unit has been completely re-engineered and the range now comprises just three units; ‘SoHo’ (Ideal small/remote office system), ‘Office’ which can connect to any existing lines and handle over 120 concurrent calls and ‘Corporate’ with built in redundancy and components to suit specific businesses.

This past June, Foniatec also announced that Sangoma’s premium voice cards now power all telephony interfaces for Foncordiax PBX appliances.

This combination should prove to be an interesting solution for businesses in search of an easy-to-use PBX.

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