2N Telecommunications specialists in innovative door entry systems for residential and commercial deployments, have released new firmware for 2N IP Intercoms, access control units and lift access control solutions.

FW 2.27 is supports lift access control solutions, but you can also find out which 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 opened the door. The new functions will make restoring factory settings much quicker, as well as simplifying the process of using HTTP API to integrate 2N devices.

See more features and benefits below:

Design a truly comprehensive access system

The main innovation is the lift access control. This solution enables you to restrict a resident’s access to just selected floors. To implement this solution, you need a 2N device with FW version 2.27. You can then easily manage all the devices using the 2N® Access Commander 1.13 software.

Identify the device used to unlock a door

In the event of a thief gaining access, if you have a 2N answering unit installed in your project, it will be simple to find out which specific unit activated the door lock. This function is perfect for residential projects.

Resolve problems more comfortably

So-called persistent trace, which continuously records the activities of devices, is an important innovation. The trace record can now also be saved to the intercom or access control reader flash memory. It means that you will now not lose the trace when you restart the device and can keep records for up to 7 days. This new function will help you execute a diagnosis more comfortably when troubleshooting.

Speed up the transition to factory settings

2N have shortened the resetting sequence for IP intercoms and access control units. It means that you will be able to switch between the dynamic and static address and restore factory settings much more quickly.

Easily manage user folders through API

Do you integrate 2N intercoms and access control units with third party applications using HTTP API? 2N have now released new functions, which will allow you to manage the user folder using API directly. Create users, allocate telephone numbers and configure access data – simply and quickly. You no longer have to spend time modifying the .xml file.

Expand your solution

2N’s IP Intercoms  and access control units are available to purchase on the VoIPon website.