The 2N Helios IP intercoms are a perfect security solution for any building thanks to both their original and newly developed  features. The combination of robust mechanics, night vision camera, secured lock control and tamper switch enable this sturdy intercom to be secured onto the wall. Software safety is provided by authentication of the unit against the network, encrypted communication, interfaces for alarm systems and ONVIF protocol for integration into industrial camera surveillance systems. This enables even closer integration with the security system of any building. Having 2N Helios IP is the safe choice. 

2N Helios IP Force - 1 button & 10W speaker (9151101W) - See more at:

2N have a number of products in their Helios range. These include the Helios IP Uni 1 button, the Helios IP Vario 1 Button, the Helios IP Vario 1 Button + cam and the Helios IP Force – 1 button & 10W speaker

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