2N Helios IP intercoms from firmware version 2.9 onwards will now be equipped with a new, more powerful echo-canceller and HD audio in the G.722 format. You can also make use of these new functions with intercoms purchased previously – simply upgrade to the latest firmware.

The improved echo-canceller for the 2N Helios IP intercoms,  significantly increases the possible call volume, regardless of the audio codec used. In this way, 2N Helios IP intercom is able to react to ambient noise by automatically controlling the microphone sensitivity and speaker volume.

This improved echo-canceller maintains excellent audibility, even if your neighbour decides to work with a pneumatic drill right outside your door. Another useful feature that you will value especially in crisis situations, where every word is essential, is broadband audio support in the G.722 format.

In practice this means that on your 2N IP intercom you can hear audio in HD quality, which guarantees perfectly intelligible communication even in an extremely noisy environment.

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