2N Telecommunications has announced the release of their latest answering unit. The Indoor Talk is an elegant and affordable way of answering guests from the comfort of your home and comes in both a black and a white design.

The Indoor Talk can be simply modified to your needs with the option to choose from ten different ringtones or restrict IP intercom calls with ‘Do not disturb’ mode. When visitors call, you can speak to them as if talking face-to-face and let them into your home with the touch of an icon.

To make installation simple, 2N have designed a special flush installation box, allowing you to find the perfect horizontal position after installing by gently rotating the answering unit. The box can also be shared with all other 2N units, so when the time comes to upgrade, there is no need to modify existing installations.

Key Features of 2N Indoor Talk
  • Luxury design and materials: The 2N Indoor Talk is not only practical, but it’s also an aesthetic addition to your home. Made from glass and other high-quality materials, its thin body protrudes from the wall by just 10 mm.
  • HD quality sound with high volume: The 2N Indoor Talk uses a HD audio codec and innovative speaker output design, which allows it to achieve a high volume and excellent audio clarity.
  • Concierge call: Use the 2N Indoor Talk to make calls to not only a 2N IP intercom, but to other corresponding answering units in your home, or to reception in your apartment building.
  • Parental Lock: It’s easy to prevent your children from accidentally letting strangers into your home when playing. Simply press and hold the buttons to activate a parental lock.

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