2N Telecommunications have released a new set of features for their IP intercoms and access units. The updated firmware 2.24.0 will add these extra possibilities:

More than 10,000 users: With this firmware 2.24.0 update comes a completely redesigned directory of IP intercoms and access units. This update has the main benefit of allowing you to upload up to 10,000 users as well as the advantage of assigning them different access credentials such as phone numbers and other user information.

Anti-passback feature: With this feature, also known as a timed-logical APB, scenarios such as a single card being swiped more than once to gain access to the same area are prevented. IN and OUT readers are required. Following the update, the 2N access Commander (Version 1.11.0) then allows for more complex APB situations.

Adding more users: With the update, more users can be added under a single quick dial button or an ‘alias’ can be created for more users under one position in display for parallel calling, without it being necessary to use the ‘User deputy’ field.

Trigger any action: The update includes ‘Door forced’ and ‘Door open too long’ features, which were added to the Automation section and have the ability to be utilised to trigger any action you want.

2N’s IP Intercoms are available to purchase on the VoIPon website here