2N have announced their new 2.0 access units following the success of the original models. These will allow seamless transition when securing 13.56MHz cards as well as using current 125kHz cards.

With the same trustworthy design of the 2N IP Intercoms, these new products also include their own memory and an ethernet cable which can be configured remotely.  

All products in this range are provided with an RFID card reader, as well as 2N Access Unit 2.0 Touch Keypad & RFID including a touch keypad for entering PIN codes, and 2N Access Unit 2.0 Bluetooth & RFID including Bluetooth for access with a smartphone.

  • Multi-frequency reader
  • Minimises one-off costs
  • Minimum wiring requirements
  • Same design as IP intercoms
  • Two-factor authentication
  • RFID card and PIN code
  • Great for high-security zones
  • Smart automatic calibration
  • Identification with smartphones
  • Free 2N Mobile Key app
  • Adjustable scanning range
  • Adjustable door opening mode


Check out the full range of 2N products below! If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195

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