An Iconic Duo For Your Office

3CX and Fanvil work together to provide users with a dependable, user-friendly, and cost-effective communications solution right out of the box. With Fanvil’s high-quality, affordable devices, 3CX’s enhanced integration and full compatibility are guaranteed. Users can get a complete, ready-to-use solution with a user-friendly interface.

Both Fanvil and 3CX have undergone extensive testing to ensure complete interoperability.

What 3CX and Fanvil can do for you

5 Benefits Of Pairing Fanvil With 3CX

1. Quick Set Up

Fanvil handsets are fully supported by 3CX, with all of the device’s setup settings already active. Admins can utilise 3CX’s simple configuration tool to remotely push changes to all network devices, eliminating the need for site visits or manual updates.

2. Secure

You can rest easy knowing that 3CX and Fanvil take every precaution to safeguard your data and systems. Several anti-hacking methods are built into 3CX to prevent attacks, including blacklisting the attackers’ IP addresses and establishing credentials and passwords for devices and SIP accounts on deployment.

3. Adaptable

With clear platform controls and easy-to-understand instructions. Users can adjust and customise 3CX and Fanvil to meet their own business demands. Administrators can control every aspect of their telephony solutions, including call queues, extension numbers, digital receptionist, ring groups, and name searching functions to quickly find call information for people in their address book, all of which are designed to make operation and management easier.

4. Control

Users can handle all incoming calls by creating a flexible digital receptionist and skill-based routing to guarantee that the right people answer the right calls, improving customer interactions and response times. All of this is possible thanks to the 3CX user interface and Fanvil products that are compatible.

5. Improved Operational Costs

3CX and Fanvil provide users with the most affordable items as well as the highest-quality devices and software. End users can save money on their telecom costs by switching their existing ISDN connections to SIP trunks, in addition to product savings.

Fanvil X4U
Enterprise IP Phone

Fanvil X5U
Enterprise IP Phone

Fanvil X6U
High-End IP Phone

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