Author: Yasmin Blackwell

Grandstream and Issabel combine to make communication and collaboration easier than ever

Grandstream has announced that their IP Telephony Solutions are now compatible with Issabel’s UC platform. By Issabel solutions, a leading open-source platform for Unified Communications,  with the award-winning certification of Grandstream IP phones, their users can guarantee that they will be able to count on all the features offered by the platform while facilitating the process of implementation and set-up of the equipment. These include the use of configuration templates through the systems self-provisioning module. We are really excited about this close relationship with Issabel, this alliance strengthens Grandstream’s vision of connecting the world, providing the right equipment for...

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Grandstream Hybrid VoIP Deployments

The popularity of landlines has greatly decreased, with now only 43% of homes having landlines compared to the 80% of homes that had them 10 years ago with similar scenarios for many businesses. One of the reasons is that Voice over IP (VoIP) delivers major improvements to traditional communication networks. Whilst many businesses are successfully relying on VoIP for their communications, total VoIP solutions are not appropriate for all markets and failure to recognise this could lead to loss in potential sales against competitors. To get the flexibility and power of an IP solution as well as catering to...

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