With 16 years experience, Fanvil, the leading global innovator of VoIP communication IP phones and SIP Intercoms, has recently won “Enterprise IP Communication Solution Award” in ICT Forum’s 2018 Editor’s Choice, as well as their CEO proudly winning the “Best Management Award”.

Over the years, Fanvil has provided a wide range of SIP solutions. One of the main examples is their office access control solution based on IP broadcasting unified communication system. This solution is made up of:

SIP video door phone

SIP Speaker

IP Video Phone

Smartphone app

IP PBX server

Winner of “Best Management Award”, Robin Feng deeply understands the communication industry, which, combined with many years of experience in enterprise management, product design, production design, production process, quality management, establishes Fanvil as the award-winning brand it is.

Robin Feng

General Manger, Fanvil

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