BroadSoft Service Providers can now pair BroadSource’s applications with Grandstream IP Phones to simplify the user experience and management of any BroadWorks based platform

Grandstream, a leading manufacturer in SIP unified communications solutions, and BroadSource, a provider of platforms to simplify the user experience and management for service providers using BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platforms, today announced a new partnership.

Under this partnership, all of Grandstream’s GXP series and GXV series of IP phone solutions are fully compatible with BroadSource’s mobile contextual assistant, PiPA. This mobile platform allows service providers using Grandstream and BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform to offer simplified user experiences that unlock the full potential of the Grandstream and BroadWorks capability.

We are thrilled to partner with BroadSource to offer an innovative solution to BroadSoft service providers that simplifies the user experience. This integration goes to further show Grandstream’s commitment to helping the BroadSoft community deploy high-end solutions that are easier to use and manage than ever before.” -David Li, CEO of Grandstream

All of Grandstream’s GXP and GXV series of VoIP phones are fully compatible with the BroadSource application, including the following:

GXP2100 Series – (GXP2130, GXP2135, GXP2140, GXP2160, GXP2170)

GXP1700 Series – (GXP1760, GXP1780, GXP1782)

GXP1600 Series – (GXP1615, GXP1625, GXP1628, GXP1630)

GXV3200 Series – (GXV3240, GXV3275)

This allows service providers using BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platforms to deploy a wide-range of IP phone model types that can be managed and integrated with BroadSource’s application.

It is a pleasure to have the BroadSource and Grandstream teams come together and create these new simple customer experiences. Now, a customer using any Grandstream IP Phone with our mobile platform can unlock the full potential of the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform.” -Haydn Faltyn, CEO of BroadSource

PiPA is the first and only mobile platform that uses the power of the customer’s smartphone hardware sensors and software capability to create user context. Real time context automatically drives the features and functions of a BroadWorks UC platform without the customer needing to interact with the complexity of menus, options and settings that a traditional end user portal offers.

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