Fanvil, a VoIP phone developer and manufacturer, have announced that their X series and H series, which include the popular X3S, X6, H3, and H5 devices, are now fully interoperable with Bicom Systems. Established in 2003, Bicom Systems is a Unified Communications provider which offers telephony, mobility, and security, helping partners to further grow their businesses.

The Fanvil X series and Bicom interoperability enhances and improves the user experience of the unique, programmable DSS with One-Touch operation. Together, Fanvil and Bicom have achieved a more user-friendly interface and applications. This provides customers with an improved, comfortable user experience, without having to compromise on the overall efficiency of the devices.

The Fanvil H series and Bicom collaboration, as previously mentioned, also provides an easier, more comfortable, professional solution, however this is specifically aimed at hotels instead.

This new innovation and smart solution will definitely bring more value to the market, especially the SMB market and the hotel market. 2018 will be an important year for Fanvil, [and] we will continuously work closely with Bicom to provide a better solution for our joint partners.” – Frank Gao, PM of Fanvil

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