Xorcom have recently released CompletePBX version 5.0. It is redesigned from the ground up and offers a completely new experience and opportunities. One major difference is being able to use it as a virtual machine, in addition to the hardware PBX line. The VM is compatible with both VMware and MS Hyper-V. Selling software-only phone systems opens up new markets and opportunities.


  • A limited (3 extensions) free VM is available for download via the website for evaluation purposes.
  • In the next few days users will receive a price list for the VM option.
  • Starting next week Xorcom will start shipping hardware PBX products with CompletePBX 5 installed by default.
  • Xorcom realise that customers may be working on a project that is already in progress and is being evaluated with CompletePBX 4.x, or may need time to learn the new system. For that reason, Xorcom are going to have version 4.x available for enough time for all the channel to make the shift, and will continue to support it long after that.

In case you took part in the beta program and want to upgrade your beta system to version 5.0, here is how you do it:

  • connect to the PBX via SSH
  • Execute the following commands
  • yum install ombutel-cpbx
  • yum update

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