CyberData has released two new products: Outdoor Intercom RFID Access Control Endpoint and Outdoor Video Intercom RFID Access Control Endpoint.

These units will simplify VoIP connectivity for secure access for the SMB market. VoIP VARs and Integrators who serve the SMB market can deliver a complete IP Access Control solution to customers using the customer’s new or existing IP PBX server, and without the usual monthly monitoring or set up fees normally associated with it.

Our goal is always to deliver reliable and innovative options when it comes to mass paging, visual alerting, and now with secure access control. These devices are cost-effective alternatives to traditional devices, with no setup or monitoring fees. They can operate in either stand-alone mode or as a network device which makes them compelling offerings to customers, especially SMB, since it takes into account their current needs, and what may be their future needs…We pride ourselves on delivering alerting and notification devices that integrate seamlessly into a customer’s infrastructure, and in simplifying the connectivity between that infrastructure, and our CyberData endpoint.

Phil Lembo

President/CEO, CyberData

These access control endpoints provide another option to traditional devices that could require control panels, proprietary software/hardware or additional costs for services such as monitoring or system upgrades.

Both devices are full-featured, with web-based reporting and the ability to lock and unlock doors and gates. They can also store up to 500 codes, including a “bad code” list that, when activated, will make a phone call and play a pre-recorded message, or broadcast a multicast message to IP notification endpoints.

CyberData SIP h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom with RFID (011478)
  • Blacklisted card alert via dialout or multicast
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Full-duplex voice operation
  • Supports SRST in a Cisco environment
  • Network web management
  • Network adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity
  • Network downloadable firmware
  • Doubles as a paging speaker
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
CyberData SIP Outdoor Intercom with RFID (011477)
  • Alert buzzer
  • Red/Green lock status lights
  • Built-in time of access scheduler
  • Local and remote logging with time stamp
  • NTP time support
  • Supports 500 RFID Cards
  • Blacklisted card alert via dialout or multicast
  • Full-duplex voice operation
  • Supports SRST in a Cisco environment
  • Network web management


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Check out the full press release from CyberData HERE