Yealink,  leading provider of enterprise communication, gave a live demonstration of the advantages of T5, their latest business phone series at a recent global roadshow.

During the roadshow, Yealink gave a scenario-based presentation to demonstrate how customers can truly benefit from the Yealink T5 Business Phone series. Senior members of Yealink’s team presented customers with what was described as ‘groundbreaking’ audiovisual features of the New business VoIP phones. 

As a forward-thinking company, Yealink’s policy is to always focus primarily on the customers. That’s why when it came to introducing the New T5 Business Phone Series, it was important for us to take our customers on board. The roadshow events offered a perfect opportunity for the guests to understand how each product of the New T5 Business Phone Series could help them in a real-world environment


Project Director, Yealink

The popular T4 Series is still readily available in the market. However, the New T5 Business Phone Series promises an even better user experience to those looking for an upgrade. It has 4 major additional benefits:

Ergonomic design for added comfort

With increasing concern about staying active and healthy, it is important to have a phone that lets you be in charge. The adjustable LCD screen of New T5 Business Phone Series gives customers the flexibility to change the screen position according to their height and seating position, or relative to different light sources. 

The features of a mobile phone + the quality of a desktop phone

The New T5 Business Phone Series has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. It allows seamless synchronisation of mobile contacts with a desktop phone. It also lets users connect and pair a standard Bluetooth headset. This makes it possible to access mobile phone contacts or call a skype contact, directly from a desktop phone that has a much better voice quality. 

Suppress background noise in a busy workplace

In a noisy open office environment, having a phone that shields background noise, means users can continue to make important business calls without having to leave the room. The acoustic shield technology of the New T5 Business Phone Series that picks up only the speaker’s voice while blocking background noise, can mean more productivity for the entire team. 

Automatic switching between a wired handset and DECT phone

Another astounding feature of the New T5 phones series is its ability to transition a call from a wired handset to a cordless DECT handset, without disconnecting. It supports up to 4 DECT handsets. This makes it an ideal choice for small offices.

In his presentation, Yealink’s Technical Manager, Lee summed up perfectly by saying that “With its unique new features, the New T5 Business Phone Series certainly gives users an all-in-one collaborative solution.”


With these brilliant new additions, Yealink’s T5 series now consists of 9 business IP phones in total.


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