SIP RGB Strobe And Auxiliary RGB Strobe Kit

CyberData has announced the release of its second generation visual alerting devices – the SIP RGB Strobe and the Auxiliary RGB Strobe Kit. The devices are designed to alert a person or group of people through a visual flash or strobe when a call or unplanned event is happening. The new releases are now RGB and enable the user to program the strobe to flash in a host of different colours.

The SIP RGB Strobe is a Powered over Ethernet SIP-enabled device that is perfect for use in a general office, manufacturing or warehouse environments where loud noise is a factor. It’s also perfect for hallways in hotels, schools or office buildings as a visual alert for the hearing impaired to alert for urgent situations. The SIP RGB Strobe meets ADA requirements for telephony signaling and notification.

The Auxiliary RGB Strobe Kit is available as an ancillary add on to CyberData’s SIP or Singlewire InformaCast Speaker or Paging Amplifier products. The kit includes a one meter cable to connect to the SIP or Singlewire device. Power is supplied by the CyberData SIP or Singlewire endpoint. Programming of colours or speed of flash is done through the web interface of the attached device. The Auxiliary RGB Strobe kit provides a cost-effective method of implementing a visual alerting system when connected to CyberData endpoints.

Ever since we released the first SIP Strobe, customers have been asking for the device in multiple colours. We are pleased to be able to deliver what customers have told us is needed in the market. You can program both Strobes to flash different colour scenes depending on the event: red for emergency priority notification, or blue for incoming call. There are a myriad of ways to program and use both devices while providing event notification in visual form”, commented Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. CyberData has also released a Singlewire InformaCast-enabled version of the RGB Strobe and recently released new versions of their SIP, Singlewire and Syn-Apps speakers and amplifiers, promising more new releases this year.

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