OpenVox Communication, a global leading provider of the best cost effective open source Asterisk telephony hardware and VoIP Gateways, has announced it will release a new digital VoIP gateway product line to the enterprise communication market with the best value guaranteed. To Ensure the system stability, the hardware comes with a redundant power supply as default configuration. Thus it will be a plus when implementing the digital gateways in the enterprise communication systems.

The new OpenVox digital gateways support up to 4 port E1/T1 with maximum 120 simultaneous calls in one single device. They are developed with a wide selection of codecs and signaling protocols, including G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.722, G.723, GSM, SIP and PRI. With user-friendly GUI, users may easily setup their customized VoIP gateways and connect them to the existing telephone systems or simply build up a new one. Also secondary development can be completed through AMI (Asterisk Management Interface) with our digital gateways. The digital VoIP gateways will be 100% compatible with Asterisk, Elastix, trixbox, 3CX, FreeSWITCH SIP server and VOS VoIP operating platform.

The OpenVox Digital VoIP Gateway range includes the DGW-1001, DGW-1002, DGW-1004 along with the equivalent R models.  The “R” means that the device supports redundant power supply.

We’ve gained a great success in releasing our VoIP GSM gateways to the market right from the beginning of 2013. And the VoIP gateway market is much bigger than we imagine.” said Lin Miao, the CEO of OpenVox, “We received plenty of feedbacks and inquiries about new VoIP gateways supporting E1/T1 interface that’s already in our roadmap. I am excited to announce the release of our digital VoIP gateways. It will continue to satisfy our customers needs for their business communications.

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