CyberData Corporation – The IP Endpoint Company recently announced the Networked Door Strike Relay Module. An accessory to their line of SIP-enabled IP Intercoms, the Networked Door Strike Relay Module can be installed as part of a networked security infrastructure, and allows monitoring and control of devices that require high current switching.

Perfect for environments with secure access needs that include electronic door strikes and other high current machine control, the CyberData Networked Door Strike Relay Module is PoE powered (802.3af) and provides an encrypted communication method for secure access.

Recently CyberData released the Door Strike Intermediate Relay Module which eliminates the need for customers to source a separate relay and makes wiring an electronic door strike to a CyberData SIP-enabled IP Intercom easier. With this latest release, the Networked Door Strike Relay Module allows for IP network access control and provides a fast, safe and secure 10/100 Mbps connection to your local network.

The Networked Door Strike Relay Module provides added security when connected to a CyberData intercom to open the door. It’s designed to receive an encrypted network signal/command from a CyberData intercom (not contact closure) or programmed network device and close the Intermediate relay’s contacts (or open them) that control the actual door lock mechanism electronics.

When installed inside the building or room away from the intercom outside, and programmed in conjunction with the CyberData intercom firmware that supports the networked relay, the Networked Door Strike Relay Module provides increased secure access and addresses concerns about tampering and bypassing the contact to activate the lock. Additionally, the module can interface with third party software providers with security access features.

As we’ve become more experienced and knowledgeable about the needs within the VoIP marketplace, we’ve learned to keep our ears open to requests and ideas for those offshoot devices that make it easier for customers to source everything they need for a SIP IP Endpoint installation at one time,” said Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData. “We kept hearing about the need to have a networked relay for added security for our SIP devices. When we can make the customer’s experience of sourcing these networking accessories to our SIP-enabled devices easier, we’ll do it.

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