Snom, German-based manufacturers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones, has extended their warranty period on all their IP phones from two years to three on all products ordered after 1st July 2018.

An extended warranty, an attractive partner program and, of course, first-class products: it pays to rely on the premium brand Snom for many reasons and to successfully master the future together.

Gernot Sagl

CEO, Snom Technology

Our Range of Snom Ip Phones

Snom is one of the best supported brands in the VoIP sector and is the choice for VoIP system builders with reliability in mind. Their IP phones are characterised by a large number of functions which simplify business communication significantly, and offer a very high standard of security.

The RMA quota of Snom Technology GmbH has always been very low. However, since we became part of the VTech Group at the end of 2016, we have been able to improve this figure even more; reducing it permanently to 0.4% and a remarkable 0.2% for table devices. We would like to pass on this achievement to our customers in the form of an extended warranty period.

Dusan Aleksic

Head of Hardware Development, Snom Technology