An access control system from 2N Telecommunications has been selected to secure new world-class casino in Riga, Latvia.

The casino required a reliable access control system to be installed to cover entrances, create security zones within the building and track the attendance of employees.

2N access control systems were the ideal solutions as they are fully equipped to cover all the casino’s requirements. The result was a control system implemented that is reliable and easy to administrate. This system included six 2N IP Verso’s, one 2N Indoor Touch, seven 2N Access Unit RFID’s and one 2N Access Commander.

All of the above products mentioned in this case study are available to buy today at VoIPon, to find out more about these please see the key features below.

The 2N Access Control System

2N Helios IP Verso With Camera

  • IP (Internet Protocol) connected Door Entry System
  • 2N Verso Modular Intercom Device allows flexibility of specification
  • HD camera with infrared light and night vision
  • SIP communication protocol

2N Helios IP Verso Touch Display

  • 4 inch display
  • Easy to read in both total darkness and direct sunlight
  • Intuitive controls
  • Structured directory of contacts

2N Helios IP Verso RFID Card Reader

  • Allows the use of Mifare, HID iClass and DESFire cards
  • Allows the use of other standards including NFC support – application for Android 2N Mobile Key
  • The reader reads the uID card serial number

2N Access Commander

  • Access via a web interface, the so-called thin client
  • Intuitive control and simple installation
  • Bulk setting and configuration of IP intercoms
  • Low operating costs

We like to work with 2N, because their products and solutions are reliable and the management software is easy to operate. The fact that 2N can be integrated into Milestone and works with AXIS, is a real advantage for clients who think about such solution.

Janis Lizanders

Sales Director , DTG

Check out the full story published by 2N here.