Digium announce two new Basic Rate ISDN telephony cards for Asterisk, the four-port B433 and the two-port B233.

These new cards quickly and easily connect Asterisk to traditional telephone networks, giving users powerful tools for building sophisticated voice applications. The Digium B433 and Digium B233 will be available for purchase beginning December 1, 2015.

To simplify administration, BRI cards from Digium are software-configurable. NT and TE termination modes are handled completely in software, without the need for hardware configuration.

To provide the highest-quality audio, Digium’s BRI cards have always-running onboard DSP-based echo cancellation. All calls sound crystal, digitally clear, all the time.

To ease deployment, Digium’s BRI cards work in any PCI-Express slot. They feature low-profile, half-length designs that allow them to fit into any computer chassis. And, because the cards are single-board solutions, installers do not have to piece together multiple modules or inter-card connectors.

Please note that the B233 and B433 are not supported in any Digium Switchvox system at this time.

Part Numbers & MSRP Pricing:

  • 1B233LF, Two (2) span digital EuroISDN BRI PCI-Express (PCIe) card, $515 USD
  • 1B433LF, Four (4) span digital EuroISDN BRI PCI-Express (PCIe) card, $695 USD

Key Characteristics:

  • Software-configurable interface switching; no jumpers
  • Supports NT and TE modes
  • 4-wire S/T interfaces
  • EuroISDN Signaling Support
  • PCI-Express x1connector, fits into any PCIe slot
  • Half-length, low-profile form-factor, fits into any chassis
  • Onboard DSP echo cancellation
  • 5-year warranty

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