Gigaset has added the CL660HX to its product family, boasting an outstanding combination of ergonomics, design and performance.

This new CL660HX handset is not only conspicuous for its great looks, but also interacts perfectly with the AVM FRITZ!Box, the Telekom Speedport and the TP-Link Archer VR900v. Additional features include excellent HD voice quality and an extra-large TFT colour display that meets the requirements of today’s users.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of DECT cordless phones for private customers, we are taking the changeover to IP-based connections extremely seriously,” says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset. “We want our customers to have the best and widest selection of router-based phones, and are extending our current portfolio accordingly.”

Slim, elegant and light, the Gigaset CL660HX is a further outstanding example of these future-oriented VoIP phones, featuring convenient functions such as access to internal router phonebooks, lists of received, outgoing and missed calls, and operation of the router’s voicemail.

High-quality product design
The new Gigaset CL660HX represents a milestone in the development of cordless phones. Its perfect synthesis of powerful technology, excellent ergonomics and modern design matches the exact needs of today’s demanding cordless phone users. Despite its slender and compact form, the phone boasts a large and mechanically precise keypad. The 2.4 cm TFT colour display is packed full of clearly arranged and intuitive functions.

Surfaces that boast a superb look and feel, together with elaborate details such as the metallic central navigation key, contribute further to the stand-out product quality of the Gigaset CL660HX.

Optimum convenience
In addition to its brilliant HD voice quality – also outstanding in hands-free operation – the CL660HX provides a range of other ultra-convenient sound features for phone use. It brings a high level of convenience in other aspects as well, such as an address book for up to 400 contacts, with space for three phone numbers per entry. This address book can be synchronized with Google™ contacts (cloud service on the Internet), with Windows or Outlook contacts, and with Apple Mac address books (including iCloud). Exchange of address data (and any related images) requires a connection via the micro USB port and installation of the Gigaset QuickSync software on the PC or Mac. It’s also possible to assign special VIP melodies and photos to contacts in the address book, enabling users to recognise callers by their ring tone or displayed image.

Outstanding personalization options
A selection of specially composed ringtones have been pre-loaded. Available in “real sound” quality, they allow incoming calls to be signalled in particularly harmonious tones and in accordance with user preferences. But users can do a lot more to turn the Gigaset CL660HX into their own personal handset, such as customising ring tones, screensavers and caller pictures (picture clip function). Users can even connect the handset up to a computer (via the micro USB port) to download desired images, screensavers and melodies. Contacts (in Microsoft Outlook, Windows or Google Cloud) can also be synchronised using the Gigaset QuickSync software.

Simple installation – advanced technology
The special charm of the CL660HX lies in the possibility of using it on an existing DECT base station or in combination with a router enhanced with DECT base station functionality. This flexibility enables it to be integrated into a range of existing technical infrastructures. Only required for recharging purposes, the slim and compact cradle gives excellent stability and forms a sculptured entity that blends harmoniously into any living area.

Future-oriented and independent
The new CL660HX, the latest addition to Gigaset’s portfolio, is an ultra-modern and technically advanced handset “Made in Germany,” and designed to be connected directly to an Internet router. The DECT modules in the various router models use different standards for controlling interaction between the base station and handset. Handsets offered by router manufacturers normally only support one particular standard, and therefore have only limited compatibility with routers from other companies.

In contrast, Gigaset HX handsets support the CAT-iq 2.0 standard, making them a universal option for telephony functionality. What turns them into a particularly future-proof solution is the fact that customers can switch routers later on without needing to replace the handset as well.

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