The new ContactsPush app from Gigaset enables simple transfer of contacts from smartphones to fixed-line handsets. The new app standardizes personal contacts, offers greater user convenience and is a further step towards Gigaset’s own hardware and software ecosystem.

Simple transfer of contacts from smartphone to handsets
The new ContactsPush app from Gigaset enables simple transfer of smartphone contacts to Gigaset handsets operated on IP base stations. The app is compatible with Android (4.x and above) and iOS devices (6.x and above) and can be obtained free of charge from the Google Play Store™ or Apple App Store™. The ContactsPush app is a further step towards Gigaset’s own ecosystem, which was premiered at CeBIT 2014 under the title GigasetGo.

Identical contacts on all devices
The ContactsPush App from Gigaset saves time and effort. Identical contacts are now at hand anywhere, whether on the smartphone on the road or on the fixed-line network at home. “The app means great advantages when it comes to convenience,” says Torsten Velker, Head of Home Solutions at Gigaset. “Users no longer have to waste time transferring contacts manually from their smartphone to the handset of their fixed-line phone. The bother involved in finding contacts on different devices is also a thing of the past. As a result, you save time and effort and contacts never have to be entered twice again.”

Lots of practical features: simple, convenient and free
The connection between the smartphone and fixed-line phone is established by the free app and over the home WLAN. Gigaset phones on IP base stations in the network can be found and addressed quickly and easily. After the desired phone has been selected, the contacts can be transferred directly from the smartphone. Users can choose from up to six handsets and transfer either the whole contact list or individual contacts.

Broad compatibility and maximum convenience
The ContactsPush app offers full compatibility with Apple iPhones of the fourth generation and above, as well as with Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 mini, S3 and S2 smartphones. Many other Android-based smartphones are also supported. Smartphone contacts can currently be transferred with the Gigaset C430H, C530H, C610H and A510H handsets. You can find information on the new ContactsPush app by clicking on this link.

The ContactsPush app is a further component in the initiative to secure our future which we launched in 2012. We’ll also increasingly offer more software with new products, such as tablets, smartphones and Gigaset elements in the field of connected living. For example, at this year’s CeBIT we gave visitors a lookahead to GigasetGo, which we are likewise working on and, together with the ContactsPush app and other software elements, will establish a common Gigaset hardware and software ecosystem,” adds Velker.

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