In recent years, Grandstream has increased its portfolio to equip partners and customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ with collaboration solutions needed for their business. Their range of solutions are not only easily manageable and powerful, but they are also suitable for any business size from home offices to enterprises. Find out which solutions can be catered to your business size below.

Home offices and retail shops

With less staff and smaller business, especially if you are just starting out, you may want a more simple, cost-effective desktop collaboration solution. The Grandstream, GXV series of IP video phones are powerful Android devices that include a built-in video camera, WiFi and Bluetooth. Users of these phones can make video calls via SIP or Android conferencing applications, as well as access their Google calendar and contacts, making them great for communicating with customers or vendors.

Alternatively, the GVC3210 is a more robust, Android-based video conferencing endpoint the supports 4k resolutions and includes a built-in microphone.

Small Businesses

Even though we mentioned the GVC3210 as being suitable for home offices and retail shops, it is especially ideal for small-and-medium-sized businesses. An easy to use Android-based interface with high-end features, it is a great option for smaller businesses with limited resources and a lack of technical expertise as it will be familiar to the average smartphone user.

GVC3210 will leave a great impression with clients with features such as up to 4k video resolutions, built-in WiFi and a variety of screen sharing options. As well as this, IPVideoTalk is included for 1 year (as with all GVC devices). This means that you can hold meetings and webinars from a centralised, cloud-based platform where users from a GVC device, web browser, PSTN lines and more can join.

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Medium and Large Businesses

As a medium or large business, you will have a lot of employees who may work remotely, travel or different office locations, and the Grandstream IPVideoTalk and the GVC Series will keep your employees engaged and connected from anywhere and on most devices at any time. This affordable pair offers a centralised cloud platform accessible for a whole company, supporting up to 100 meeting participants, 8 video feeds, unlimited meetings, as well as a year free subscription of IP Video talk, included with every GVC device.

GVC3210 – Point to point conferencing, Android apps and can be added to any SIP conferencing for smaller meeting spaces.

GVC3200/GVC3202 – Built-in MCU, host own multi-party conferences, can be added to any SIP platform. Ideal for regular to large sized conference/ meeting rooms.

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With thousands of employees, who may travel, work remotely or in completely different office locations, as an enterprise you collaboration solution must allow hundreds of people to come together and meet at any time. For such large-scale needs, the IPVT10 is the perfect video collaboration solution. An on-premise video collaboration solution that allows building, customising and managing of a collaboration network. Supporting up to 120 video participants per meeting room, up to 300 simultaneous attendees and 10 simultaneous meetings, the IPVT10 offers nearly triple the video conferencing capacity of any IPVideoTalk plan. The GVC Series would also be a beneficial addition in physical conference rooms to link in-office conference rooms with other remote participants.

You could also try:

  • GVC3200/3202 – Regular to large conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • GVC3210– Huddle rooms and smaller meeting spaces
  • GAC2500 Audio Conference Phone– All regular and large conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • GXV series Video Phones– Remote employees and managers (desktop video access)

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