2N have just released a new firmware, FW 2.25, that gives users new usage options that retain simplicity and intuitive control.

New features offered by FW 2.25 Firmware
  • With the new firmware, 2N Indoor Talk can now tell the difference when the user does a long press of a button to a short press. This means that with the lock icon, two different locks can now be controlled from the answering unit, for instance, a short press for opening the gates a long press for opening the garage doors.
  • The long and short press feature can also be used on the bell button. The value can be changed by the units web interface, but the standard is for a short press to activate “Do not disturb” setting until the user decides to change it again, and the long press activates it for a limited time with a default of 12 hours.
  • When being actively used, all the icons are backlit with the ability to adjust the intensity. FW 2.25 prevents glare from the unit, as when the unit is not actively being used, the backlighting drops. This is after a set period of inactivity from 15 seconds to 10 mins.

To use these new functions available to your 2N Indoor Talk device, please download the new firmware below.

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