Grandstream Networks has announced the launch of IPVideoTalk, a cloud-based video, audio and Web conferencing service. This subscription service allows any video conference held on a Grandstream GVC3200 or Grandstream VC3202 to become a virtual online meeting that can be easily attended by any other GVC320x devices as well as any Web browser users anywhere in the world.

IPVideoTalk allows businesses to turn their physical conference room into a global online meeting that can be broadly attended worldwide, allowing them to keep remote team collaborations productive and reach their customers efficiently wherever they are. IPVideoTalk meetings can be attended by any GXV320x and any PC or Mac users using WebRTC-capable Web browsers (such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). IPVideoTalk touts advanced features including industry-leading 1080p Full HD video resolutions, HD audio, computer screen-sharing, meeting scheduler & reminders, meeting control, and much more. Two different service plan levels are currently being offered: IPVideoTalk Basic, which supports up to 25 meeting attendees and up to 3 video presenters, and IPVideoTalk Pro, which supports up to 50 meeting attendees and up to 8 video presenters.

Today’s businesses increasingly need easy-to-use tools for collaboration among geographically disbursed teams and efficient visual communications with their customers, no matter where they are and no matter what computer or mobile devices they use,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “IPVideoTalk is an innovative cloud video, audio, and Web conferencing service with industry leading video quality and entirely based on standard Web browsers without requiring any special plugin. The combination of IPVideoTalk’s cutting edge cloud scalable video technology, the power of the GVC320x video conference system, and the increased popularity of WebRTC-capable Web browsers will raise the bar for user experience of video conferencing and lower the barrier of adoption dramatically. We are very excited about the potential of IPVideoTalk and are fully committed to growing this service significantly in the near future.

IPVideoTalk features include:

  • 1080p Full HD video and HD audio – IPVideoTalk supports H.264 High Profile or VP8 1080p Full HD video resolution and HD audio, separating it apart from most other online conferencing services in the market where only up to 720p resolution video is supported.
  • Join a meeting with 1 click from a Web browser – IPVideoTalk is one of the first conferencing platforms to utilize the revolutionary WebRTC technology. This allows anyone to attend IPVideoTalk meetings using any WebRTC-capable Web browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) without having to download any proprietary software or install any special plugins.
  • Built-in Meeting Scheduler and Meeting Control – Complete meeting scheduler (accessible from and any GVC320x linked to an IPVideoTalk account) is available to plan and automatically start meetings, and send meeting notification and reminder emails to invited participants. Comprehensive meeting control is also available to allow a meeting host to chat with participants and mute/unmute/disconnect any participant.
  • Screen Sharing – The presenter can share any computer screen by using a GVC320x or a Web browser with other participants in an IPVideotalk meeting for one-to-many presentation, panel discussions, interactive document markup, distant learning, etc.
  • Foolproof multi-site conference room integration – easily call and link together multiple GVC320x in multiple locations with your colleagues or customers/partners using IPVideoTalk without worrying about firewall/NAT traversal which is taken care of by IPVideoTalk automatically

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