Introducing Yeastar Central Management (YCM) Live Stream – 28th October 2021 @ 10:00am 

The YCM is an all-encompassing platform for P-Series Cloud Edition service delivery and Yeastar on-premises devices management.

One Platform to deliver, scale manage, and support your services

  • Click to create PBX instances on different capacities for your customers
  • Scale up or down instantly when customer requirements change
  • Upgrade, backup, reset, and even scheduled tasks
  • Manage all customers systems securely and remotely to provide technical support
  • Spot issues before customers do with proactive monitoring and instant alerts
  • See essential, real-time data at a glance on a widget-based dashboard

Also, Provide a fully managed serverless offering for cloud-based communications service providers to jump-start – P-Series Cloud Edition Turnkey Solution.

What to Expect

  • What is Yeastar Central Management and what does it work for?
  • How does YCM help with remote management? (What’s new compared to the previous Yeastar Remote Management tool?)
  • Explore P-Series Cloud Edition and how it is delivered through YCM
  • How does the turnkey hosting solution enable easier service delivery and faster time to market?
  • Demystify the architecture of YCM and how it ensures high availability
  • Live demo of Yeaster Central Management
  • How to get a trial of the P-Series Cloud Edition Turnkey Hosting Package through Yeastar Partner Portal
  • Live demo of how YCM interacts with Yeaster Partner Portal
  • Interview with the world’s first consumer who opted for YCM
  • Q&A Session

Yeastar Partners can simply log into the Yeastar Partner Portal to watch or register for the Live stream if a Yeastar Partner Portal hasn’t been created.

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