2N Telecommunications have released 2N Indoor Touch 2.0, the latest version in their series of Indoor Touch answering units. Version 2.0 is described as ‘similar but a step-head.’ It’s four times more powerful than previous versions, has an even more simple user interface and can be easily integrated with home automation applications.

2N Indoor Touch 2.0, is available in black or white, and also with Wi-Fi:
New features of the 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 include:
  • A 7 inch HD touch screen with durable, 4mm scratch-resistant tempered glass
  • Easy installation of third-party applications, such as home automation systems and pre-installed applications by Axis
  • A specially modified, clear, easy-to-use home screen, with the most popular and frequently used applications available with one click
  • Easy connection using a single Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  • Answer machine for visitors to leave a recorded video message if no one is home
  • HD audio codec that provides high volume and intelligibility during conversations, blocking out even the noisiest background noise
  • An award-winning attractive design that will suit any household or office
  • Support of an easy-to-connect doorbell button that will play your pre-selected melody when the doorbell rings

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