OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source Asterisk hardware and software products, has announced today to release its first Skype gateway solution – Sky2Sip to the open source telephony community.  Sky2Sip is a SIP protocol based software gateway solution mainly designed for SMB.

One Skype account with Sky2Sip can support up to 32 Simultaneous calls. Sky2Sip makes it possible for SIP devices to call out through Skype account and Skype users can also call the Skype account that can be directed to any one of the SIP devices registered in the Sky2Sip. Besides, the flexible dialing mode enables direct dialing and secondary dialing when calling out through Skype.

Nowadays, Skype is so popular that there is a huge amount of Skype users around the world. How to enable Skype to be fully used by the SMB has become an urgent need in our open source telephony community.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox,” We are happy today to release the Sky2Sip – a software based gateway. It will make a profound significance for SMB in managing their own calling system and saving the cost of voice calls by connecting the open source IPPBX to Skype VoIP world.”

The User Friendly GUI of Sky2Sip will make it so easy to set up their customized unified communication system for SMB. To celebrate this great release, we are proud to offer up to 2 free licenses each, valid for one month to all our customers that are willing to test our new solutions