Multi-point high quality video and voice conferencing capability in open source IP-PBX brings cost-effective functionality to small and medium sized businesses

Xorcom, a privately-held manufacturer of business telephony interfaces and appliances, today announced the formal launch of an integrated, multi-point video and voice conferencing solution called the XV Series. The XV Series includes two lines: the XV3000 – a video conferencing platform bundled into a Xorcom high-end IP-PBX; and the XV0500 – a stand-alone video conferencing appliance compatible with any Asterisk-based IP-PBX. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Xorcom’s Asterisk® based IP-PBX telephony appliances, the XV Series makes video conferencing capabilities affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.  

The Benefits Video Conferencing Brings to Enterprises

Due to the enormous growth in smart phone use and the widespread adoption of multimedia applications, video conferencing is quickly becoming the natural choice for communications in the larger enterprises. The main benefits of this type of communication that immediately come to mind include:

  • Cost-effective meetings – cut down travel expenses
  • Improved communication – visual aspects, such as body language and object displays, promote better understanding of concepts
  • Efficient meetings – video is engaging, increasing participants’ attention span
  • Keeping remote workers involved – stay in better touch with tele-workers and road warriors
  • Remote training – update staff on the fly
  • Timely customer support – troubleshoot issues without onsite visits

The larger the enterprise, the greater the financial benefit of the video conferencing solution. As a result, larger enterprises have adopted large-scale video conferencing solutions that require dedicated resources and therefore carry a big price tag. Smaller organizations, for the most part, have had to forego the benefits listed above, since they are hard-pressed to make the large investment required for dedicated video conferencing solutions. Those days are now over.

Video Conferencing Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) Can Afford

With the launch of Xorcom’s XV Series, video conferencing, once available only to the high-end enterprise, is now an affordable option for SMBs. In contrast to other video conferencing solutions currently in the market, the Xorcom product enables organizations to conduct high quality multi-point video conferencing at an affordable price. The solution integrates seamlessly with Xorcom’s award-winning Asterisk based business telephony solutions, which support from 30 to 1000 users. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling ensures compatibility with a wide variety of endpoints, including the leading IP-based video phones as well as soft phones, significantly reducing the total cost of the solution.

Key Features of the XV Video Conferencing Series

  • Wide Range of End Points Supported: The system is built on a solid media processing foundation that uses standards-based SIP protocol. Consequently, a wide range of end points is supported – from room systems, to desktop video phones, to video software clients running on smart phones and tablets.
  • Optimal Quality Matching Each End Point’s Capabilities: Low latency, high quality voice and video for different resolutions is guaranteed as the XV Series identifies the resolution capabilities of each end point in the conference and performs dynamic transcoding to ensure optimal user experience for each end point individually.
  • High Definition Voice and Video: Resolutions of HD (720p) down to QCIF video, and wideband HD VoIP are supported.
  • Intuitive Web Management: Real time conference control, monitoring and management is performed via Web management or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) codes. During conferences, full control can be provided to all levels of participants, from conference moderators to invitees. The management system supports localization for multiple languages.
  • Video IVR Support: An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) flow for participants with voice only, and video IVVR (Interactive Voice / Video Response) for the complete video experience is provided.

Video Conferencing Solution to be Demonstrated Live at IT EXPO

The XV Series video conferencing solution will be demonstrated live in the Xorcom booth (#617) at the IT EXPO event, taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida, from Feb. 1-3.