Starting in January 2011, all Rhino Ceros systems will ship pre-loaded with the Elastix Unified Communications Server. Based on customer demand, we have decided to install Elastix by default. Elastix boasts over 1 Million downloads and is in production environments around the world. With dedicated developers working to provide a stable, professional integrated communications environment, you can rest assured that the system that is stable today will be stable tomorrow and for years to come. Elastix also has a large community of active members providing support, tips, and advice to ensure users get the most from their Elastix systems. The Elastix platform offers voice, IM, e-mail, fax and video options for users. Of course, we will still load trixbox or any other distribution you might request

We’ve recently released an updated version of our RSLI display software. Along with the usual stability improvements you can expect from an update, we’ve added a handful of new features based on your feedback. The XML splash screen now boasts several new tags that allow you to display any DMI information, including (but not limited to) the unit’s serial number, motherboard/CPU type, model, etc. We have also added a tag to fetch a line of text from a web server, allowing you display dynamic and customized screen text.

You can tailor your server’s response using any of the provisioning information passed in the request headers. This information can potentially be used to track and identify customer machines for provisioning, displaying support contract status, service notices, or anything else you can imagine. We have also added a menu option for easy access to the system serial number, IP, MAC, and motherboard model. For more information and details on upgrading, please contact our technical support.