Xorcom, the manufacturer of High Quality PBXs and Astribanks recently updated the Chassis on all models plus now ship with more power.

See the highlights and update below:

New Chassis

XR2000 XR3000 Analog
XR2000 XR3000 Digital


Improved XR1000

  • Updated graphics design
  • 10 concurrent calls, irrespective of codec
  • 4 GB Single Layer Cell (SLC) disk on module
  • Fan

Updated Exterior Design

  • Attractive!
  • OEM options
  • Logo only
  • Entire front panel
  • Streamlined self-assembly

Complete Concierge Overview

Provides comprehensive communications for hotel guests and staff at a reasonable cost

Integrated system:

VoIP-enabled PBX
Property Management System interface (or stand-alone PMS)

Call Accounting software

Leverages existing hotel infrastructure(cabling and analog phones)

Complete Concierge Pricing

Price includes:

  • Implementation assistance (remote)
  • First year support