Newly-Minted Multiplexer Marks Sangoma’s 10th New Product in 2012; New Growth Strategies Result in Dramatic Increase in Product Launches

Sangoma  a leading provider of Asterisk Hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both voice and data, has launched its tenth new product for 2012. The Sangoma STM1-Mux, is a stand-alone appliance that allows customers to take advantage of the cost efficiencies available through the termination of fiber network uplinks into a simple and cost-effective appliance that extracts the T1 or E1 spans of on-premise networking gear.

Sangoma is keenly focused on innovation and growth, and as a result of the change in strategic vision implemented by chief executive officer Bill Wignall, we are on track to bring more than a dozen new products to market this calendar year,” said Frederic Dickey, director of product management for Sangoma. “Moving upward from previously sporadic new product introductions, to our current pace, enables us to leverage our engineering and technology expertise to nimbly respond to market needs in a time when technology and customer demands are constantly on the move.”

As a component of Sangoma’s broad portfolio of telecommunications solutions, the STM1-Mux multiplexer supports OC-3 and STM-1 networking standards and provides up to 84 T1 spans or 63 E1 spans with the capacity to connect 2,016 simultaneous calls. Combined with other Sangoma solutions supporting SS7 and SIP signaling and multiple transmissions standards, the STM1-Mux can form a complete platform to support many business applications. In addition, the STM1-Mux supports direct cable connection with the highest density digital telephony board in the market, the Sangoma A116E  and  Sangoma A116DE PCIe, to eliminate cross-connect wiring for each group of 16 E1/T1 spans terminated in high-density deployments.

Sangoma’s strategy to expand product deliveries over the past year has contributed to our positive fiscal results,” noted David Moore, Sangoma chief financial officer. “We’ve already set revenue records in two separate quarters in 2012, which is particularly encouraging when one considers the sluggish economic conditions that are still prevalent in the market. All of these indicators demonstrate that Sangoma’s product strategies are bearing fruit for the company and our shareholders.”

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