As businesses begin to look for ways to upgrade their outdated, inefficient communications systems, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions are increasing in popularity as the best way to improve productivity and cut out the expensive hardware, all by transitioning to the cloud.

One such UCC solution is Skype for Business.

Skype, who were bought out by Microsoft in 2011, allows you to connect with family friends via the internet, using instant messaging, video chat, and voice call. However, in 2015 Skype introduced a new ‘Skype for Business’ platform, which essentially combines the best parts of Skype and Lync, with simplified controls and a fresh new interface. With a wide range compatible IP phones, Session Border Controllers (SBCs), and IP gateways, from leading manufactures such as Yealink, Sangoma, and Audiocodes, you are able to move your entire office network to Skype for Business without any hassle.

How can it benefit your business?


Unlimited number of meetings
Free online meetings for up to 10 people without a subscription – (Up to 3 people after 60 days)


URL invites  
Invite your team with a personalised link


Any device 
Set up and join from a PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android


Screen sharing
Share your screen or a file with a colleague. Give and take control


Built-in IM 
Send instant messages during business meetings to offer new ideas


PowerPoint upload
Present with interactive tools, with annotation, highlighting, and laser pointer


Draft, draw and edit together like being in the same room


Custom built accessories
Make your meetings even better with certified USB speakerphones, HD cameras, and headsets9


Focus more on the people in your meeting call, with added features like automatic cropping and head tracking

With the feature-rich Skype for business platform, businesses can now have that important flexibility aspect, all within a professional setting. For instance, you can use the full Skype for Business window, or a compact version, in order to continue to monitor call progress, mute, or end the call, all whilst focusing on other tasks. New features also include the ability to call from Skype for Business using your compatible desk phone, allowing you to further cut costs and maximise productivity.

The implementation of Skype for Business can help your organisation increase staff productivity, improve collaboration, and lower cost. To find out which products are in the Skype for Business range, check out

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