Kathleen Reed of VoIPon interviews Bill Majerczak, Manager of Sales and Marketing at CyberData. 

Kathleen Reed speaks to Bill Majerczak, Manager of Sales and Marketing at CyberData. The pair discuss the CyberData SIP Door Entry Intercom Range, their advantages over rivals products plus future developments and plans for the company.

You can Listen to the CyberData Podcast and see the full transcript below:

VoIPon: Broadcasting from various countries around the world, using voice over IP technology, this is VoIP Uncovered – A VoIPon Solutions UK podcast. I am Kathleen Reed. 

A company that always seems to be driving innovation in our market is Cyberdata, ‘The IP End Point Company.’ They manufacture SIP products for the unified communications industry. We spoke with them around this time last year. Joining us once again today is their Sales and Marketing Manager, Bill Majerczak. Thanks again for joining us today, Bill.  Could you please tell our audience what CyberData has been up to over the past 12 months?

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: Well, we’ve been very busy here in Monterey, California, creating and updating a lot of our products for the voice over IP industry – things like our new V3 platforms, which has a different chipset, a higher processor, so we can do more with these products and add more functionality, things like adding SRST for survivability. We’ve also created a couple of new products – our SIP Paging Adapter, which is a new product that would attach to your existing analog overhead system that would allow you to page through with your new voice over IP deployment. Then, the next newest little gadget would be our 2-port gigabit splitter, which is a basic block that allows you to split PoE to two different devices if it’s at gigabit speed. 

VoIPon: Excellent. You’ve recently updated Cyberdata’s SIP Door Entry Intercom range, with Cyberdata V3 011186 and the Cyberdata V3 keypad version 011214. Do you have any plans for a new intercom range?

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: It’s interesting you say that. As I’ve just mentioned, we just upgraded from V2 to V3 platform, which is going to allow us to do more and expand and do different things down the road – like doing the SRST. The two devices that you just mentioned are brand new designs. We did a redesign on those – the weather rating went up to IP64 and it comes with an optional shroud now. We’ve got a lot of great responses to these two devices and we have sold quite a bit over the last several months. We do a lot of OEM work too. This is going to allow us to do more OEM-type opportunities with folks who are looking to do some partnerships with us (with door phones and things like that) – and we still have plans to bring to market a video intercom.

VoIPon: Interesting. So why should VoIPon customers purchase the Cyberdata intercom range over rival brands such as 2N with their IP Helios range and other products from Algo and Alphatech?

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: It’s interesting you say ‘rival brands.’ You know, 2N makes a really nice product and they have their own little niche. Algo and Alphatech really also have their niche. Nobody seems to have the breadth of products that Cyberdata has to offer, which would include products for overhead paging and access control, blinking lights for notification, panic buttons and these types of devices. We feel that we’re a one stop shop for all of these types of ancillary products, where these guys have their certain niche and would appeal to those areas where those products would fit best.

VoIPon: Okay. With many popular products in the VoIP paging industry such as Cyberdata speakers, loudspeakers, amplifiers and Cyberdata VoIP clocks, can we expect to see any developments with these products?

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: Yeah. We’re always working on new products, listening to our customers, and we’re creating these products that customers are demanding as the SIP end points. I think the biggest advantage we have is we were early on in the market and we started out making out these types of products by listening to our customers and what they were needing. We’ll continue to do that. We do have some new products on the queue (that I really can’t talk about today), but I wish people would stay tuned to our website to see when they’re coming soon – what products we will be bringing to market in the not too distant future.

VoIPon: Okay. Being that you have both the intercom and paging technology products, what would you say is the most popular range for Cyberdata?

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: I would have to say that early on it was our intercom devices. Then, as people started to get aware of the necessity of moving over to a voice over IP system and going to IP paging, our speakers really took off. But I think today it is pretty much even across the board, since we do have the full breadth of products to allow you to connect to existing analog infrastructure, your IP equivalents to analog overhead paging devices, the door phones, the panic buttons, the blinking lights and such. We can pretty much meet all of the different needs that one might have for their deployment… So I think today it’s pretty even across the board.

VoIPon: Oh, excellent. I really want to thank you for your time today, Bill. It has been very informative.

Bill Majerczak, CyberData: Thank you, Kathleen.

VoIPon: Bill Majerczak is Cyberdata’s product evangelist. For more information, please visit www.voipon.co.uk.