This week on VoIP TV we look at the Yealink SIP-W52P, Yealink’s first wireless IP phone.

The W52P is a SIP cordless phone designed for SoHos and SMBs looking for a cost saving, but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system.

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Yealink W52P Review – Transcript

Alexis Argent: Welcome to VoIP TV, VoIPon’s video reviewing service. I’m Alexis Argent and today we are going to be taking a look at the Yealink W52P, Yealink’s first Wireless IP Phone. The W52P is a SIP cordless phone designed for SoHos and SMBs looking at a cost saving, but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system.

The W52P comes with an array of accessories and documentation with the base station and handset. As you can see the phone is smart looking. It fits in your hand nicely and is lightweight. It has a large colour TFT screen along with clear, well-spaced navigation keys that make for great usability. Even those with larger thumbs will have no problem using it. The W52P looks similar to other wireless IP Phones but it is a bit smaller than some of it’s competitors, making it ideal for both carrying around in a busy office and being kept on desks with limited space.

The Yealink W52P comes with a number of advanced business features that make it ideal for both home and business use.

  • The phone has 11 hours talk time with 120 hours standby time
  • HD sound
  • Wideband technology
  • The W52P is packed with standard features. 
  • It also supports OpenVPN, is compatible with Broadsoft, Asterisk and 3CX with quick, easy navigation.
  • Additional handsets can be purchased.  

The W52P can be compared to other wireless IP phones on the market. Gigaset offer the SL400H, UniData with the WPU-7800 and snom with the M9R. For more information on any of these phones, please visit

After reviewing the Yealink W52P, we’ve given it a VoIPon Rating of 8 / 10. It is a great phone for SoHo and SMBs, but it is quite limited on its features. The phone looks great and has basic functionality, but doesn’t deliver much more. The fact that it comes at a fantastic price is what makes this phone good value for money.

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