Yealink founded in 2001 offer a wide range of SIP based desktop VoIP Phones and IP Video Phones that are ideal solutions for individual / small organisations to large multinational originations. The Yealink IP Phones are considered to be high quality products which are easy to use and install. The Phones are available at an affordable price.

With a wide variety of Yealink IP phones to choose from you may be debating what the best is phone for your needs. Let’s take a look at each Yealink IP Phone range and what features are available.

Overview of the Yealink VoIP Phone Range

Yealink SIP-T18P VoIP Phone

Yealink T18PThe Yealink T18P is an entry level IP Phone with 1 SIP account and 3-way call conferencing enabled

  • 1 VoIP account, Hotline
  • 3-way conferencing, Speed dial
  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Tone scheme, System log export
  • Integrated Voice Response System

Yealink SIP-T20P VoIP Phone

Yealink T20PThe Yealink T20P entry level SIP based VoIP Phone model features a 2 line LCD display and 5 function hard keys.

  • 2-line display
  • 5 hard keys for controlling the various functions
  • Simple & convenient user interface
  • Reliable
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Yealink SIP-T22P VoIP Phone

Yealink T22PThe Yealink T22P is mid entry VoIP Phone. The T22P features upto 3 SIP accounts, features a Blue Backlit LCD Display 132×64.

  • Supports 3 SIP Accounts
  • Blue Backlit LCD Display 132×64 
  • 3 Programmable Keys
  • 2 Indication LED’s
  • Power over Ethernet  POE

Yealink SIP-T26P Phone

Yealink T26PThe Yealink T26P advanced IP Phone includes 3 SIP lines, 13 soft keys and a 132×64 graphic display.

  • 3 SIP Accounts
  • 132×64 White Backlit LCD Display
  • 13 Programmable Keys
  • 3 Indication LED’s
  • 3 Way Conference Calls

Yealink SIP-T28P VoIP Phone

Yealink T28PThe Yealink T28P SIP VoIP Phone is a top end executive business phone with 16 Programmable Keys and 6 SIP Accounts plus a host of other features.

  • 6 SIP Accounts
  • 320×160 White Backlit LCD Display
  • 4 Level Grayscales
  • 16 Programmable Keys
  • Logo Customisation on Screen

Yealink SIP-T32G VoIP Phone

Yealink SIP-T32G VoIP PhoneThe Yealink T32G one of two from the Yealink Gigabit range features a 3″ 262K colour LCD, Intuitive user interface and 3 lines. The Yealink T32G is ideal for high demand communication needs.

  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet
  • 3″ TFT-LCD, 262K colors, Intuitive user interface
  • TI Aries chipset and TI voice engine
  • HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset
  • 3 VoIP accounts, BLF/BLA, IPv6

Yealink SIP-T38G VoIP Phone

Yealink SIP-T38G VoIP PhoneThe second Yealink Gigabit IP Phone the Yealink T38G includes 6 SIP lines, 16 Programmable Keys plus many other advanced features. Like the T32g model its ideal for business use.

  • 6 SIP Accounts, BLF/BLA, IPV6, Open VPN
  • 4″ x 3″ TFT-LCD colour display (16.7M colours), Intuitive user interface
  • TI Aries chipset and TI voice engine
  • 16 Programmable Keys
  • Logo Customisation on Screen

Overview of the Yealink VoIP Phone Range

Yealink VP-2009 Video Phone

Yealink SIP-T38G VoIP PhoneThe Yealink VP-2009 Video Phone features a 7″ touch screen colour LCD display with H.264 codec

  • Video Codecs: H.264 , H.263 and MPEG-4 SP
  • Picture Codecs: JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Maximum D1 30 fps
  • Bandwidth level: 128kbps — 1Mbps
  • Powerful video DSP with advanced AJC and PLC

Yealink VP530 IP Video Phone

Yealink VP530The Yealink VP530 is an executive business media video phone that surpasses the technology used in the VP-2009. The VP530 features a High-resolution 7 inch LCD color display and forward facing microphone speakerphone with excellent voice clarity and delivery.

  • Video codec: H.264 and H.263
  • Image codec: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Video capacity: up to D1 (720×480)@30fps
  • Bandwidth selection: 128kbps~1Mbps
  • Adaptive bandwidth adjustment

For more information on the Yealink VoIP Phone range you can visit our dedicated Yealink page. You can also use the Yealink product comparison chart to give you an easy break down of the Yealink range.