2N Telecommunications, specialists in door entry systems for residential and commercial buildings, have proved that 2N products are suitable even the most prestigious and demanding residential complexes, as the luxurious Corso Pod Lipami residential complex, a recent winner at the 16th Czech Architecture Grand Prix, was fitted with access control units from the 2N portfolio.

This luxury project with five individual residential buildings just outside Prague is not only an extremely high-quality architectural feat, as proven by the awards it has won, but also a showcase for modern technologies and an example of a residential complex where 2N technologies have found their ideal application. The complex features daylight spectrum LED lighting as well as integrated security for residents and their property. The main requirements in this field also include home access control systems integrated with home automation and the option for additional integration with third-party systems.

FlowBox, who supplied the home automation system, selected products from the 2N access management portfolio for this very reason. These products are fully compatible with FlowBox systems and other third-party products, especially the 2N IP Verso intercom with concealed HD camera buttons and RFID card reader and the 2N Access Unit RFID access control unit. 

The direct link between 2N products and the control algorithms from FlowBox allows operations in the communal areas of the Corso pod Lipami building to be managed, for example, gate motor and door security lock control.

IP telephones were used as standard answering units. However, residents of the luxury buildings were offered the 2N® Indoor Touch answering unit as an optional extra when they purchased a flat. They can use this device to receive video calls from the intercoms on a 7” display and can also take advantage of the 2N® Mobile Video service, which allows clients to communicate with visitors through their smartphone.

The entire 2N access system is fully compatible with home automation systems and friendly to third-party applications. Individual devices communicate with each other through the FlowBox application. The system is user-friendly to both administrators and residents. Flat owners have simple yet secure access to their own personal and communal areas, such as their garages. Thanks to the IP telephones installed in the flats and the 2N® Indoor Touch and 2N® Mobile Video service, residents have complete information about all of their visitors at their disposal, including records of missed calls.

2N has covered the achievement of this great project as a Success Story. 

Read the orginal release and download the insprational success story (PDF) here. 



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