Fanvil a global manufacturer of enterprise VoIP communication products, has officially announced the launch of its latest IP phone XS/XU series, enhancing the Fanvil portfolio of IP phones that provide unprecedented business experiences for customers worldwide. As the new generation enterprise IP phone, the Fanvil XS/XU series is an innovative contribution to the X series on both appearance and performance.

Fanvil XS series


Fanvil X3S (non PoE) 

  • 2.4-inch colour screen
  • 10/100Mbps 
  • Power adapter 

Fanvil X3SP 

  • 2.4 inch colour screen
  • 10/100Mbps
  • PoE
Fanvil X3G PoE Gigabit VoIP Phone

Fanvil XS3G 

  • 4  SIP lines
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • HD audio
Fanvil X4 Enterprise IP Phone

Fanvil X1S

  • 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • 128x48 Dot-matrix display
  • HD audio on speakerphone and handset
Fanvil X4 Enterprise IP Phone

Fanvil X1SP

  • 2 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • Supports EHS wireless headset
  • Integrated PoE

Fanvil XU series

Fanvil X3U

Fanvil X3U

  • 6 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • Supports EHS wireless headsets
  • 2.8” main colour display
Fanvil X6

Fanvil X4U

  • 12 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • 2.8” main + 2.4” side colour display
  • 3 Line keys on the main display 
Fanvil X5U

Fanvil X5U

  • 16 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • 1x3.5” main + 2.4” side colour display
  • 4 Line keys on the main display
Fanvil X7C High-end IP phone

Fanvil X6U

  • 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Harman speaker and Opus
  • 4.3″ main + two 2.4″ side colour displays
  • 5 line keys on the main display

We always keep delving into the details to perfection as well as increasing our input to new communication technology. That’s how Fanvil XS/XU was born.

Feng Bo

General Manager, Fanvil

Speaker for HD audio

With a luxury feature, Harman speaker on the Fanvil X4U, X5U and X6U, these models bring a crystal-clear audio experience for users. In addition, the wideband codec of G.722 and Opus stable HD audio is enabled in both high band and low band with the network. This is a huge contributor to work productivity.

User-friendly design for easier operation

The Fanvil XS/XU series comprises desktop phones with intuitive access to all operations and no complicated interface instructions. Advanced new features such as clear large display(s) and newly-added line keys and function keys with LED lights, make these phones an ideal choice for any business enterprise seeking to improve workplace efficiency. 

Greater Interoperability for Flexible Work

The Fanvil XS and XU series matched with accessories, like EHS headsets, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi via WiFi dongle, will keep your desktop in order and encourage more flexible working.

Multi-platform compatibility

Fanvil offers the largest portfolio compatible with the widest range of platforms including  3CX, Broadsoft, Mitel, Jabra, and Yeastar.



Check out the full range of Fanvil products below! If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195.