2N, leading manufacturer in SIP door intercoms, have revealed the latest accessory for the 2N Access Unit and 2N Helios IP Verso.

Added Security
The fingerprint reader has a top-of-the-range optical sensor, with fast fingerprint recognition and high level of reliability in detecting false fingerprints.

It also contains a toughened glass surface to protect the sensor against dust and water. Thanks to the device’s durability to all weather conditions (rain, direct sunlight), it can be easily installed either indoors or outdoors.

Comfort Design
The 2N biometric reader is characterised by an innovative and luxury design, providing maximum user comfort when a finger is placed on it. The sensor reading your fingerprint is indicated by acoustics and light signalling from multicolored LEDs located just above the reader module.

Fingerprint Recognition Technology
The fingerprint reader uses optical fingerprint recognition technology for the most secure method of user identification. There is also fast recognition of the applied finger (fast matching speed), meaning quicker access and minimal time-wasting.

Technical Details

  • Optical touch sensor
  • Sensor surface protected by toughened glass
  • False fingerprint detection
  • Indication using multicoloured LEDs
  • Moisture and dust-resistant
  • Ambient light suppression: works in direct sunlight
  • Large fingerprint reading surface: 15.24 x 20.32 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – 55°C
  • Certification: FBI PIV

It can be used in office buildings or state institutions where the premises demand maximum access security. It is also suitable for residential properties where the use of modern, luxury technology is important and other, conventional access technologies such as an RFID reader or access keypad are not possible.

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