Yeastars award-winning S-Series VoIP PBX systems support 4G SIM Card 4G LTE Solution & SIP over 4G LTE.

Yeastar 4G LTE Module provides 4G cellular data on SIM card, making the 4G LTE become the primary Internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX. Supporting 3G/4G network standard, the 4G capable S-Series VoIP PBX can register SIP trunks and make SIP calls with high speed built-in data. It is ideal for business needs like temporary locations, mobile offices, and places where fixed-line broadband is not available.

Branch Offices

Remote Area

Temporary Offices

4G LTE as the primary Internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX

Enable 4G cellular data on SIM card with 4G LTE Module and use 4G LTE as the primary Internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX. It is suitable for temporary locations, mobile offices, and places where fixed-line broadband is not available. *Please note that 4G LTE module cannot be used as a 4G router.

Yeastar S-Series

4G LTE network failover for business continuity

4G LTE Network provides businesses with an essential Internet continuity option when the PBX’s primary Internet connection fails. With 4G LTE failover, SIP trunks are even more resilient.

Yeastar S-Series

Voice over LTE for fast voice connection and better quality

Place the phone call over LTE connection, you can expect faster voice connection, high-definition call quality and other benefits that VoLTE brings to companies.

Yeastar S-Series

Yeastar S-Series IP PBX


Built-in call recording capability
Support 20 users
10 max concurrent calls


Up to 25 concurrent calls
Built-in call recording capability
Up to 50 Users


Users 100 (up to 200)
Max Concurrent Calls 30 (up to 60)
Max Analog Ports 16


VoIP Trunks 100
Protocol SIP (RFC3261), IAX2
Transport Protocol UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP


Up to 12 FXS Extension
Up to 4 CO/BRI lines
8 VoIP Users

Yeastar Webinar

If you are a Yeastar customer, or thinking of becoming one, join this webinar on Friday, 20th March 2020 at 10:00 AM (GMT) and discover how to apply these new improvements to your PBX system, and the practical benefits they will bring to you and your clients.

What will you learn?

How the following new features work to bring competitive advantages.

  • Yeastar Zoho Integration App: Built-in PBX application to integrate your Yeastar PBX with Zoho CRM and more Zoho SaaS applications in minutes and enable seamless UC experience!
  • Contacts: Brand-new feature to allow a PBX native Contacts management. You will be able to efficiently create, manage, share and dial your Company/Personal contacts.
  • SNMP: Newly-added feature that helps you monitor and keep track of various PBX performance statistics securely and centrally.

Date: 20th March 2020 | Time: 10:00 AM


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